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Prestige Wealth Management Group - Flemington, NJ


Personalized Financial Planning Services

At Prestige Wealth Management Group, we create a customized financial planning experience that serves as the cornerstone of our Personalized CFO Services. By utilizing our personalized approach to financial planning, we provide you with the following to meet your financial goals and objectives:

  • Cash flow analysis – evaluating your cash flow needs before and during retirement

  • Monte Carlo analysis – projecting the probability of successfully funding your retirement*

  • Asset allocation – We develop investment strategies designed to help control the risk within the portfolio and structure it appropriately to assist you in achieving your goals and objectives

  • Pension distribution recommendations – lump sum, life and survivorship option

  • Social Security election timing – single benefit vs. spousal benefit options

  • Education planning – Provide education savings plans and recommend tax efficient vehicles for college tuition

Our personalized financial planning process begins with an initial meeting with one of our experienced Certified Financial PlannerTM Professionals to collect relevant information regarding your future life goals and objectives as well as your current financial situation.* After extensively analyzing the data gathered during the preliminary meeting, we begin to construct your plan to help you reach your financial goals and objectives. Taking into consideration your specific objectives, we determine which investment solutions are best for you and begin to implement your financial plan. The final stage of our process includes monitoring and review of your financial plan.

Since change is a constant in life, your financial goals and objectives are likely to evolve over time, and we engage you to ensure that your financial plan is updated accordingly. Our course of action is a continuous evolution that involves financial planning review meetings, strategy sessions and tax planning consultations to ensure that your plan continues to meet your ever-changing life goals.

Through our customized financial planning process, we strive to provide you with peace of mind so that your goals and dreams can be achieved.

*based on the information you provide to us